July 8-9, 2004


ITEM 124-1502-R0704��������������� Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences Upon Dennis R. Haley; Montana Tech of The University of Montana


THAT:������������������������������������� Upon the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Dennis R. Haley from the faculty of Montana Tech of The University of Montana, the faculty of the Department of Mathematical Sciences wishes to express its deep appreciation for his service to the institution and recommends that the rank of Professor Emeritus be conferred upon him by the Board of Regents of the Montana University System.


EXPLANANTION:��������������������� Professor Dennis R. Haley has completed a distinguished teaching career in mathematics of 37 years, including 35 years at Montana Tech, formerly the Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology. He received his M.S. in Mathematics from Montana State University and then began his teaching career at the College of Idaho in 1967. Professor Haley joined the Montana Tech faculty in 1969 as Assistant Professor and earned his Ed.D. in 1974 and was promoted to Associate Professor.� In 1981 he was promoted to Professor. During his tenure at Montana Tech, Professor Haley served as Dean of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science for 10 years, Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences for 18 years, and Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs for two years.


Professor Haley�s teaching has been acknowledged by a number of awards and honors including: Amoco Oil Company Outstanding Teacher for 1974-1975 and College of Mathematics and Sciences Rose and Anna Busch Faculty Achievement Award.


Professor Haley�s research career has been in the field of mathematics. Professor Haley has done postgraduate research in mathematics at The University of Montana and the Illinois Institute of Technology. He published several papers in mining related journals and developed the mine ventilation design model MINVENDES for the CDC Cybernet and a computer mine surface mine design model for the U.S. Bureau of Mines.


Professor Haley was instrumental in creating the Department of Computer Science and developing its curriculum. His support and contributions to both the Department of

Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Computer Science have enabled these departments to flourish at Montana Tech.


Professor Haley�s tenure at Montana Tech can be characterized as one of exceptional contribution to student learning, the Montana mathematics community, and service to the Montana University System and to the State for which he is to be commended.


With this recommendation go sincere thanks for 35 years of invaluable service.� Congratulations and best wishes for the future.