January 20-21, 2005


ITEM 126-104-R0105����� Approval of Pilot Program on Multiple Year Contracts for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (New)




711.3��� Criteria for Board of Regents Faculty Contracts for Periods in Excess of One Year


Board Policy:


1.�������� This policy is adopted as an exception to Policy 711.1, on a temporary, pilot, basis.� This policy will expire by its own terms without further action by the Board of Regents on April 1, 2008.� Up to the date of expiration, this policy allows for the entering into of multiple year contracts under the terms set forth herein.


2.�������� This policy may be used by all units of the Montana University System.� Units subject to collective bargaining may bargain for multiple year contracts but only to the extent allowed by this policy.


3.�������� Employees on campuses to which this policy applies may be hired for periods of more than one year, but no more than three years, subject to the following express conditions:


a.�������� Such employees are faculty but not tenure-track employees.


b.�������� The position for which the employee is being employed is one that has been identified, through appropriate campus procedures, for a multiple year contract.


c.�������� The total of all multiple year contracts per campus does not exceed ten percent of the number of non tenure-track faculty employed on the campus, exclusive of nursing programs, during the fall semester of 2004.� For nursing programs, the total of all multiple year contracts shall not exceed twenty-five percent of the number of non-tenure track faculty employed in that program during the fall semester of 2004.


d.�������� The form of multiple year contracts must be approved by the Commissioner of Higher Education.� All multiple year faculty appointments must be reported to OCHE and approved by the Board of Regents in accordance with normal reporting and approval requirements.


4.�������� The Commissioner of Higher Education will report to the Board of Regents with respect to the use of and continued need for this policy prior to its expiration.