ITEM 126-2003-R0105� ATTACHMENT

Board of Regents Policy: Physical Plant - Section 1003.7Board of Regents Policy: Physical Plant B Section 1003.7


This Authority request is for an amount greater than $150,000, which requires the following additional information:


(a) Project Description:

This project will include design and renovation of existing space within the Engineering Complex, including the purchase and installation of a Clean Room facility and associated plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work, and furnishings and specialized equipment.


(b) Cost Estimate and Funding Sources:

����������� Estimated Cost

-    Design/Construction Admin�� $������ �� 350,000

-    Construction����������������������� $����� 2,100,000

-    Equipment�������������������������� $���� ���� 700,000

����������� Contingency����������������������������������������� $��������� 350,000���

����������� Total Estimate�������������������������������������� $����� 3,500,000


�Funding Source: This project will be financed with funds from a federal grant.


(c) Program served, enrollment data, projected enrollment:

As a research-based project, enrollment data will not be affected by this facility improvement. However, students in various engineering curricula, e.g., EEE, EE, CS, ECE, etc., will have opportunities to work and learn in this new clean room environment.


(d) Space Utilization Data:

This project will consolidate existing equipment from several existing laboratories into a single lab space after renovating to install the clean room. All affected spaces are currently lab spaces and will remain lab spaces after this project is completed, however, overall utilization of the combined spaces should increase due to the rejuvenated research grant focus.

(e) Projected use for available residual space:

No residual space is expected from the completion of this project.


(f) Projected O&M Costs and proposed funding sources:

Since facilities will not be expanded, historic O&M costs are not expected to be significantly impacted by this project.