ITEM 126-201-R0305� ATTACHMENT 3 - 8.11.105



8.11.105� NON-RESIDENT CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY COUNSELOR SERVICES� (1)�������� Non-resident consulting chemical dependency counselor services defined in 37-35-201, MCA, may be rendered to individuals, groups, corporations or the public for compensation or fee.

(2)������� To provide such services and engage in such activities in the state of Montana, a chemical dependency counselor duly licensed in the state of the counselor's residence shall file with the program a completed and notarized form provided by the program, stating the nature, location and duration of such services that exceed 10 days within any calendar year.

(3)������� A letter verifying termination of said services shall be filed with the program at the time of termination.� (History:� Sec. 37-35-103, MCA; IMP , Sec. 37-35-201, MCA; NEW , 1998 MAR p. 1408, Eff. 5/29/98.)


8.11.106� EDUCATION REQUIREMENT� (1) Applicants for counselor certification must meet one of the following three education requirements, and must provide information regarding the chemical dependency treatment setting in which the 1000 hours supervised chemical dependency counseling experience will be completed, as well as the name of the certified counselor approved to supervise chemical dependency counseling experience.� Applicants must provide certified transcripts or certificates of completion as proof of successful completion of one of the following education programs:

(a)������� a baccalaureate degree in alcohol and drug studies, psychology, social work, counseling or a related field from an accredited college or university; or

(b)������� an associate of arts or applied science degree in alcohol and drug studies, chemical dependency or substance abuse from an accredited college or university; or

(c)������� graduation from a formal chemical dependency counselor training program which is at least one year in duration and has been approved by the department or recognized under the laws of another state.� The formal training program must include 400 hours of classroom preparation and 1600 hours of documented clinical training.� Applicants must submit a certificate of graduation with application, as well as a description of the curriculum and training provided.



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