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(2)  All education requirements must include 270 contact hours of specific chemical dependency or counseling courses.  These are contact hours that may be obtained through academic course work, approved workshop training or approved home study courses.  The 270 hours must include minimum hours in each of the following areas:

(a)������� chemical dependency assessment and��������������������������� 30 hours

patient placement (must include chemical

dependency assessment, biopsychosocial testing,

diagnosis, referrals and patient placement);

(b)������� counseling;������������������������������������������������������������������� 45 hours

(c)������� pharmacology (must include drug����������������������������������� 12 hours

classification, effects, detoxification and


(d)������� ethics (ethics for addiction��������������������������������������������� 6 hours


(e)������� alcohol and drug studies;����������������������������������������������� 30 hours

(f)�������� treatment planning and documentation���������������������������� 15 hours

(g)������� multi-cultural competency � knowledge��������������������������� 12 hours

of and sensitive to the cultural factors and

needs of diverse populations and demonstrate

competency in applying culturally relevant skills.

(History: Sec. 37-35-103, MCA; IMP , Sec. 37-35-202, MCA; NEW , 1998 MAR p. 1408, Eff. 5/29/98; AMD , 2000 MAR p. 2963, Eff. 10/27/00.)


8.11.107  REQUIRED SUPERVISED EXPERIENCE   (1)  Six months (1000 hours) of supervised chemical dependency counseling experience in an approved chemical dependency treatment setting is required for certification.  The supervised experience may be gained through paid work experience, academic internship hours or unpaid volunteer work if the applicant is supervised by a Montana certified chemical dependency counselor in an approved treatment setting.  The counseling experience must be completed in not more than two different treatment settings.  (Internship hours earned through an academic chemical dependency field placement program are not included in the limit of two treatment settings.)



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