ITEM 126-201-R0305  Proposal


Description of the Program:


The program prepares graduates to intern as Chemical Dependency Counselors under approved supervision within recognized agencies.� The curriculum is determined both by the University system and the state legislature.� The state mandates an AA in Chemical Dependency Counseling (MCA 37-35-202 paragraph 2(b)) plus specific hours of instruction in precisely defined chemical dependency categories (ARM 8.11.107)


Need for the Program:


In response to the need for interns and Licensed Addiction Counselors , the college has established a successful program to satisfy local and regional requirements.� In extreme eastern Montana (Glendive, Sidney and Miles City) there are two DCC graduates� who are Licensed Addiction Counselors (two who retired due to health reasons) plus four interns.

Glendive now has a WATCh program dealing with chronic DUI clients.� There is a demand for LACs and interns in this program.� The local head of this organization graduated from DCC with an degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling but is not pursuing licensure.

Regional demand is low, cyclical and constant. The burnout rate for this occupation is approximately two years.� Demand hovers around 1 to 3 per year.� With national cries for more mental health (including addictions) screening, we can anticipate increased demand and funding in the foreseeable future.


Program Course Requirements:


To graduate, students require 60 credit hours following the curriculum defined below:

BI101/BI111��������� General Biology with a Lab

CD/HL 231���������� Drugs, Pharmacology, Society and Human Behavior

CM 101��������������� Public Speaking

HS 101��������������� Introduction to Social and Human Services

PY 103��������������� General Psychology

CA 109 �������������� Software Applications

EN 101��������������� Composition

HS 200��������������� Human Services Practice Skills

PY 230��������������� Psychology of Adjustment

CD 210��������������� Individual Counseling

CD 225��������������� Group Counseling

CD 232��������������� Seminar I: Patient Placement/Documentation

CD 233��������������� Seminar II: Dependence Theory/ Ethics

SO 103��������������� Principles of Sociology

CM 110��������������� Information Literacy

MA 116��������������� Elementary Statistics

PS 202��������������� State and Local Government

PY 203��������������� Developmental Psychology

Six extra credits in Core II of our curriculum

Three extra credits in Professional Electives including a mandatory workshop CD 189 on Culturally Effective Substance Abuse Counseling.


Adequacy of Current Faculty:


The program does not require any additional faculty.


Accreditation Status:


Dawson Community College recently completed an evaluation by North-West.� There were no deficiencies reported in the CD program.


Assessment Plan:


The progress of graduates is tracked.� Course content is modified dependent upon feedback from graduates who are LACs and recent interns.


The current Advisory Board is also instrumental in assessing the program.� Should the requested change be granted, there will remain at least informal contacts with Advisory Board members as they are professional members of the community.� In addition, students provide official and informal feedback for each class.