May 18 �20, 2005


ITEM 127-102-R0505����������������� General Education Policy


THAT:�������������������������������������� The Board of Regents of Higher Education approves the following:

(1)           repeals current Board of Regents� Policy 301.10, General Education Block Transfer Policy; and

(2)           replaces it with the attached policy on general education.


The proposed policy on General Education does the following important things:

(1)           clarifies the alternative programs that students can use to satisfy general education when they transfer between the campuses that make up the Montana University System;

(2)           distinguishes between the so-called block transfer program and the Montana University System core, two approaches to general education that were frequently confused and intertwined under the old general education policy;

(3)           establishes a minimum grade in all courses that are used to satisfy the general education requirement;

(4)           creates a General Education Council, made up of representatives from throughout the Montana University System, to oversee the MUS core program.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� The new policy on General Education was prepared in response to Recommendation 3 of the Transfer of Credits performance audit.� It sets out four (4) different processes or scenarios that students may use to satisfy the general education requirement, when they transfer between campuses of the Montana University System.


The proposed policy also creates a mechanism to continually review and implement the Montana University System Core in the form of a General Education Council.� That Council will be made up of representatives from throughout the Montana University System, since the MUS Core belongs to the System, not to individual campuses.� Hopefully, the Council will insure a System-wide perspective, and develop procedures and standards that maintain consistency in the application and interpretation of the MUS Core at each of the institutions.


This policy will go into effect immediately upon adoption by the Montana Board of Regents.� The General Education Council will be established during Fall Semester 2005, to insure appropriate institutional input into the membership of the Council.