Montana Board of Regents

Level II Program Change Request


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Level II Proposal Approval


Level II proposals require approval by the Board of Regents.� These proposals entail substantive additions to, alterations in, or termination of programs, structures, or administrative or academic entities typically characterized by the� (a) addition, reassignment, or elimination of personnel, facilities, or courses of instruction; (b) rearrangement of budgets, cost centers, funding sources; and (c) changes which by implication could impact other campuses within the Montana University System and community colleges.� Board policy 303.1 indicates the curricular proposals in this category:


������ Change names of degrees� (e.g. from B.A. to B.F.A.)

������ Implement a new minor where there is no major;�

������ Establish a new degree;

������ Add a major to an existing degree;

������ Expand/extend approved mission; and

������ Any other changes in governance and organization per Board of Regents� Policy 218 (such as formation, elimination or consolidation of a college, division, school, department, institute, bureau, center, station, laboratory, or similar unit).


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