Montana University System New Academic Program Proposal Summary


Campus:��������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������� Program Title:�����������������������������������



1.�������� How does this program advance the campus� academic mission and fit priorities?




2.�������� How does this program fit the Board of Regents� goals and objectives?




3.�������� How does this program support or advance Montana�s needs and interests?





4.��������� How will this program contribute to economic development in Montana? (Note projected annual economic impact both regionally and statewide.)





5.�������� What is the Program�s planned capacity?      Break-even point?_______________FTE students



����������� Enrollments/year?


����������� Graduates/year?


����������� MT jobs/year?



6.�������� Resource Allocation


����������� Total program budget?�� $���������������������������������������������� Faculty FTE?          Staff FTE?


����������� Does this program require new resources?� Amount?




����������� How will the campus fund the program?




����������� If internal reallocation is necessary, name the sources?