To:������������������ Board of Regents


From:�������������� Richard A. Crofts

����������������������� Commissioner


Date:��������������� June 25, 2002


Subject:���������� Policy Goals and Accountability Measures for Interim Committee

As we have made you aware, the interim post-secondary education committee has been working on policy goals for higher education in Montana and accountability measures for the university system.� Regents Jasmin and Semmens sit on this committee.


The Office of the Commissioner has worked with staff from the LFD on accountability measures for the six policy goals tentatively identified by the committee.� We were especially asked to comment on whether or not data for each accountability measure is currently being collected and to raise any other concerns or comments that we have about the measures.


The materials for this meeting include the report we provided the LFD.� Committee staff has distributed to all members of the committee a survey to determine what accountability measures should be adopted.� Our position has been that no more than one or two accountability measure should be adopted for each goal at this initial stage of accountability reporting.� We have also suggested to Regents Jasmin and Semmens the accountability measures that we believe are most relevant to the goal and would be most meaningful to collect.


The interim committee meets on July 9th to reach decisions on these matters.� Regents Jasmin and Semmens and Deputy Commissioner Scott will be able to bring us up to date during our Glendive meeting.


This item is before you for informational purposes only.� No action by the Board of Regents is required at this time.