Omnibus Policy Amendments

Proposed Revisions from the Submission Item

Nov. 18, 1999

203.3.3 � Paragraph 2, in definition of "campus" delete ", a chancellor, or a director" and insert in its place "or a chancellor Dean".

209.2 � Reinstate the numbered policy and add the following language which shall constitute the full body of the policy: "The Deputy Commissioner For Academic and Student Affairs, under the direction of the Commissioner, shall serve as the coordinator of community colleges."

303.1 � On the fourth line, delete "Curriculum Committee" and insert "Academic and Student Affairs Committee".

303.3 � The Commissioner recommends removing this policy from the list of those proposed to be amended.

706.1 � Final sentence of Section 2, strike "institution" both times it appears and insert "campus". In same sentence, after "president" add "or chancellor". First sentence of section 5, delete "chairmen" and insert "chairpersons".

710.2.1 � In the first sentence of the 7th paragraph under "Procedures" delete "institution" and insert "campus".

710.2.2 � Second paragraph, second line, strike "institution" and insert "campus". Second line of section 3 of Procedures, strike the first "or" and insert ", one". Final sentence of section 4 of Procedures, strike "institution�s" and insert "campus�s".

801.1 � In the newly renumbered section 4 of Procedures, after "president" insert "and chancellor".

801.2 � In second line delete "of Schools,".

940.13 � Section 7(b), second line, strike "institution" and insert "campus".

940.30 � Use current version of the same policy and amend as noted.

1003.4 � Deputy Commissioner Sundsted recommends removing this policy from the list of those to be amended. He has circulated it among the fiscal officers to develop substantive amendments to the policy.

1003.5 � Second paragraph, second line, strike "or any of the units, the entity" and insert "the campus".

1006 � Second line, strike "unit" and insert "campus".

1008 � Section f, line 3, strike "unit" and insert "campus".

1902 � Second section 2, final sentence, strike "College presidents" and insert "Campus presidents and chancellors". Next line, strike "institution" and insert "campus".