Board of Regents Meeting

July 11-12, 2002

Glendive, MT


Restructuring, Phase III

Submitted by Student Regent Hur

It�s been an ongoing concern of Montana University System stakeholders that issues regarding restructuring need to be continually discussed and addressed by the Board of Regents.  While I whole heartily support restructuring steering committees and informal meetings with others, I think that it would be appropriate for the chair of the Board of Regents to schedule an informal �Work Session-style� retreat for the Regents to discuss the issue of restructuring and its future in greater depth.


At such a retreat or informal meeting, restructuring ideas might be presented, evaluated, worked on or �word-smithed�, and then submitted to a regular Board of Regents' meeting for formal action.  In any event, I believe that such a discussion is highly warranted.  I urge our Chair to at least consider the possibility of arranging such a meeting.