1.             (ALL) Focus on making existing structure behave as if it were a single-Leader organization. (No revisit of �single-chancellor� issue now)



2.             Commissioner will address/resolve the Policy Committee issue.� Also, the �Table Arrangement� issue.



3.             Commissioner will continue to monitor/manage the chancellor-president-Commissioner relationship.

          Commissioner continues to work with Presidents and Chancellors on issues of communication and collaboration.

          Personnel objectives for senior administrators will address restructuring issues. DONE


4.             (OCHE) Evaluate the current funding formula, AND options; within the larger issue of enrollment-driven funding, including behavior incentives for affecting change.

          Policy Committee will address funding formula at its August retreat. DONE

          BoR met 4/24 to evaluate models and options, deferred selecting a consultant (to evaluate� current formula and impact of changes made in it over the last few years) until they reconvene.


5.             (Policy Committee) Develop a constituency and building strategy. (including a communications strategy).

          Presidents are seeking funding from Foundations for a Friends of the university system organization that would assist in communications. DONE

          Need to establish clear expectations for campus CEOs and Commissioner about constituency building and reflect those expectations in personnel goals and objectives.�� DONE

          BoR adopted & funded communication plan �Jan 02


6.             In discussion with CAO's�(JAS) Establish an accountability monitoring mechanism re. Time-to-degree, student advising, retention,

          CAO's agree on policies for advising and degree checks.

          Retention model under design for implementation under data warehouse.

          Policy Committee Retreat will include accountability reporting on its agenda.� DONE

          Proposed working with the Legis Interim Comm on Education on accountability�� DONE.

          Fine-tuning Data Warehouse for use in accountability� (IN PROCESS)

          DBA hired effective 7-1-02


7.             In discussion with CAO's�(JAS) Revisit and update Phase II direction re. Developmental education.

          Joyce Scott work w CAO�s in reconsideration of Phase II direction and policy on remedial and developmental education.�

          Report to BOR in November of 2001.

          Exploring solutions with technology and software in cooperation with Billings CoT. (ACT Ctr open 2/28/02)

          Plan reports on student progress, numbers involved, methods of remediation and results.

          Discuss MUS Virtual U for on-line remediation via PLATO IN PROCESS

8.             (JAS) Promote & monitor development of relationships with Tribal Colleges.

          Report on MUS/Tribal College agreements. DONE��

          MUS draft Dual Admissions agreement to CAO's and SAO's.� DONE

          Add Tribal Colleges to Inventory of academic degrees and programs. (Assigned to ESwaney)

          Update Tribal College GenEd transfer core-Ellen

9.             Establish more explicit guidelines to govern the administrative, financial, and academic relationships among the campuses of each university (possible use of Memorandum of Understanding).

          Commissioner work with Policy Committee to recommend location of management & governance responsibilities with report in Jan 02.

          Information collected Fall 01

          Commissioner recommends not pursuing MoU between and among the campuses.�� DONE

          Recommendation under development


10.         Renewed emphasis on collaboration and shared resources.

          Commissioner will direct Presidents and Chancellors to ensure academic leaders at campus, college, and department levels are held accountable for fostering collab +resource sharing within and among campuses DONE.

          New initiatives Spring 2002 include

-Tech Prep Task Force

-Career Services Study Group

-Simultaneous Registration Task Force

-Financial Aid Customer Service Discussion

-MUS E-core for general education

          Incorporated into CEOs� perf objectives. DONE

          Banner interface project with Legis Fiscal and Audit divisions and 2 universities IN PROCESS

          GASB 34-35 implementation

11.         Use expectations about goals of restructuring to evaluate senior institutional leaders on the campuses.

          To be incorporated into goal and objective setting for 2001-2002 (DONE).

12.         Explore mechanisms for a more �inclusive� approach to seeking advice from affiliate campuses.

          Ongoing; changes in Policy Committee. DONE

          BoR meeting format adds CEO discussion 7/02

13.         Office of the Commission should play the role of �neutral reviewer� of program proposals.

          This is one of the roles the OCHE already plays in consideration of new proposals.�� DONE

14.         Gain productivity improvements and cost savings through the fullest possible integration of administrative services and data systems, with special reference to statewide library system.

          Commissioner will establish a library vision committee DONE� to present a vision to the Board by Nov. 2001 and submit plan for an integrated library system by July 2002. DELAYED

          Rod Sundsted will meet with fiscal officers to consider other areas of productivity improvements and cost savings through integration of administrative services.

          New efforts Spring 2002 in career service, simultaneous registration, E-core for General Education.

          Continued development of data warehouse.

          Produced Management Report templates DONE.

          Initial MGT Reports � July 02


Gain productivity improvements & cost savings (con�t)

            Integrated implementation of GASB 34/35 across MUS

          Collaboration (MUS campuses and state agencies) on Facility Condition Inventory (FCI) use and enhancement

          MUS system wide contract and integration of Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) reporting


15.         Increased attention and priority to two-year education.

          Dr. Mingle commended the Regents on singular progress in this area.

          The 2-year Education Committee initiatives:

-Continuous registration policy for transfers-done

-Updated 30-hr GenEd� transfer coreDONE

-Degree check policy-done

-Include all Tribal Colleges in 30-hr GenEd transfer core-assigned to ESwaney Sp02

          Current emphasis on Dual Admissions Agreements ((draft Done & Circulated), Transfer agreements, course articulation (In process), and 30-hour general ed core (MUS+CC�s complete).

          Full plan of work for 2-year Committee DONE� and priorities set.

          Formal transfer study underway.

          Study designed, BoR and CAO review Jan. 02

          Transfer audit underway, slowed by campus data� coding problems in Dec 2001

          New faculty training/orientation for CC & CoT via Perkins funding-ONGOING

          Tech Prep Artic Task Force underway 1-18-02

          Transfer Project 2002 Steering Committee appointed 3-4-02; met 4-19.

          Two-Year Task Force planning underway

          04-05 Biennial Budget requests to continue funding 2-year tuition differential



16.         (JAS) Policy 205.1: reverse wording as noted on hard copy.


17.         (Dick) Develop a Commissioner selection Policy:

          Policy recommendations to Board of Regents for September 2001 meetingDONE

������ Using AGB guidelines (?)


2)       Make it clear that this is a BoR� decision.



3)       Assure implementation of campus diversity reports and publication of annual status report.

          STEP I with Jan 01 Diversity Analysis� DONE.

          �2nd report in July,items on regular cycle DONE.

          Recommend annual reports to Board rather than semi-annually DONE.

          Expanded diversity report to BoR 7-02

          04-05 Biennial budget Indian Education for All���� initiative

4)       Collect all-campus data on diversity trainings,�� requirements, and incentives.

          Deputy working w Research Office + campuses to standardize data, collection and reporting. DONE���

          AIMA Advisory Comm met 3/5/02-will pursue data collection by task groups

          Data collected in July 02 Diversity Report, analysis will lead to action plan

5)       Continue collecting data on Tribal College MOU.

See item 8 above

6)       (Dick) Assure (via performance evaluations) that senior administrators give high priority to diversity concerns.


7)       (Dick) Develop core job descriptions for Chair and Regents.

          Submit to Board of Regents for September 2001 meeting DONE