Policies and Procedures Manual



Policy 3XXX � Single Admissions File

Effective: XXX

Board Policy:


1.�� An undergraduate student who applies for admission to the Montana University System will prepare one file of information that will be used to determine his/her admission status.� That file will then follow the student throughout the System, much like a patient�s medical records, regardless of which campus(es) the student enrolls in.� The file will be supplemented with additional information, when that information is part of the admissions and transfer decision.


2.�� The intent of this policy is to assist students who:

a)       transfer between units of the Montana University System;

b)       enroll in coursework at more than one unit of the Montana University System in the same semester;

c)       apply for admission to more than one unit of the Montana University System as a first-time student; and

d)       encounter any other scenario that may require a subsequent admissions decision by some unit of the Montana University System.




1.�� A student will work with one (1) unit of the Montana University System to assemble the appropriate paperwork for admission to that institution.� That documentation will become the primary admissions file.


2.�� The initiating unit of the Montana University System, described in the preceding section, will charge an application fee to assemble the primary admissions file.


3.�� If a student decides to attend another unit of the Montana University System, that student must complete a standard transfer request form and submit it to the unit of the Montana University System that the student most recently attended, hereinafter referred to as the sending institution.� The sending institution will prepare a certified copy of the student�s admission file, and pass it along to the unit or units identified in the transfer request form.� The certified copy will include:

a)       a copy of all the original documents that make up the primary admissions file, including transcripts from other educational institutions;

b)       any additional admissions information added by subsequent units of the Montana University System, if the student has attended more than one unit;

c)       a certification statement from the sending institution;

d)       an official transcript of the coursework completed by the student at the sending institution;

e)       an analysis of the general education coursework completed by the student at the sending institution.� If the student has completed a 30 � 45 credit lower division general education program at the sending institution, which satisfies the transfer expectations in Montana Board of Regents� policy 301.10.3, that information will be included in the certified information.� If the student has not completed such a program, that fact should also be part of the certified information.

f)         any additional and relevant information that was part of the admissions decision process at the sending institution or any other unit of the Montana University that the student might have attended.


The sending institution may assess a reasonable fee for this service to cover the cost of copies and postage.


4.�� A student may be required to supplement the information in the primary admissions file, once it is submitted to the receiving institution, in order for the receiving institution to determine the admissions status of the student.� That is especially true if the primary admissions file was assembled at a two-year institution and the student is now seeking admission to a four-year institution.� Examples of such information include, but are not limited to the following:

a)       ACT or SAT scores and a high school transcript, if the primary admissions file was assembled at a two-year institution and the student is now seeking admission to a four-year institution;

b)�� financial aid information;

c)       immunization records;

d)       residency information.


5.�� Once the student has completed the written request for a certified copy of his/her admissions file, the sending institution will have 10 working days from the receipt of that request to transmit the file to the new institution.

Transmittal Request Form



(Name of Institution)



1)       Name of Student                                                                                        .



2)       Student Identification Number                                                                      .



3)       Mailing Address and/or Telephone Number                                                   .




4)       Please list the Montana University System campus that you intend to apply to.





5)       Please list the first semester of your enrollment at that new institution:





6)       Please list the program you intend to enroll in at that new campus, to assist them with the transfer process:




7)       If you have a mailing address at that new campus, please list that information, again to assist them with the transfer process.� (PLEASE NOTE: If you don�t have this information currently, it is very important that you provide the new campus with your mailing address and telephone number as soon as possible, in case the admissions personnel need to get in touch with you.)




A� fee is due and payable at the time this form is turned in to the appropriate personnel on the sending campus.


Fee paid:


I understand that, by signing this transmittal request, I am authorizing the sending institution to include any information that was relevant to the admissions decision and was part of my admissions file in the Montana University System.



______________________________________                   _______________________

Student Signature                                                            Date