Strategic Planning Process; Board and Management Determination of Priorities


Board of Regents Meeting


July 10-11, 2003


The Board and our senior staff need to discuss and agree upon the strategic and operational priorities for the Montana University System in serving the needs of students and the state.� I would suggest that the best format for doing this is a strategic planning retreat, in advance of which we could solicit and receive input from our staff and constituents as to projects or objectives of leading importance.� At the retreat, we and our senior staff could review our existing strategic plan for possible changes, consider the major initiatives currently underway (i.e. two year education, credit transfer, budget process, tuition policy, communication and outreach, etc.), and consider proposed new initiatives (such as those in the Agenda for Progress or recommendations from staff and constituents).� The Board, with due� input and collaboration from staff, can then agree upon the strategic and operational priorities to which we should commit our attention and resources in the months ahead.� This process could be particularly timely given the impending arrival of a new Commissioner.


Submitted by Regent Semmens