Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education

Regular Meeting




May 23, 2002

The University of Montana-Western

710 S. Atlantic

Dillon, MT


Andy Parker, President MAS


The Montana Associated Students� May meeting convened May 22, 2002 at 5:00 p.m. in the Student Senate conference room on the UM Western campus.� Associated student representatives and presidents from Bozeman, Missoula, Butte, Billings, Havre, Dillon, and Great Falls were in attendance, along with Regent Christian Hur.


Discussions of the following agenda items ensued � 3%-10% budgetary cuts and effects upon students of the MUS, student reporting at Montana Board of Regents meetings, work session proposals submitted by Regent Hur, MAS officer nominations, and the MAS luncheon topics for the Board meeting.


Representatives voiced concerns regarding the continuing increase in the cost of education to the students upon discussion of the 3-10% budgetary reductions, while also expressing the desire for a high quality education.� The students feel that quality cannot be sacrificed, but the student cost of education has grown to levels causing more limited access to higher education in Montana.� Discussion of possible implementation of 1`7-7-140 MCA, and the concurrent effects on students this action would have also became of significant interest to MAS.


Due to the elimination of student reporting in the Board of Regents meeting as a result of the changes passed in the meeting format, students feel that the avenue for addressing individual campus issues from the student leadership perspective greatly decreased.� MAS came to a consensus that it is the responsibility of each Associated Student President to relay pertinent information to the Board in the available time, and that some official time be allocated for this purpose.� MAS wishes to work with the Board to derive some format that is sensitive to this need, while also not impeding the efficiency of the meeting.� MAS requests the Board consider allowing the MAS report, along with 30 minutes to allow for student reports.� MAS so desires this that we would sacrifice the increase in time allotment for the luncheon to achieve the continued avenue.� Bottom line:� we would hope to retain 30 minutes for student reporting and one hour for the luncheon.


Regent Hur explained and solicited input from the students regarding his proposals (Economic development, open meeting policy, and perceived challenges and questions).� Regent Hur also solicited input from MAS, their feeling on the upcoming BOR Chair nominations and elections, Commissioner Crofts contract renewal and the fee differential.� MAS suggestions were accepted by Regent Hur and he stated he would discuss his economic development proposal but would hold off until the July BOR meeting to officially submit that proposal, allowing for MAS members to make further input.


MAS Officer Nominations:

President - Jon Swan and Dan Geelan

Vice President � Trevor Blyth

Executive Treasurer - Nicole Alley



Trevor Blyth, President, MSUAS


Spring Elections were held for Senate, the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.� Trevor Blyth and Devney Black were elected as President and Vice President for the coming year.� The option to increase the athletic fee by $10.00 per semester next year and $7.5p0 per semester after that was also voted on by the students.� The initiative was voted 863 against and 342 in favor.� The total voter turnout was 1205 students, which is roughly 12% of the undergraduate student population at Bozeman.


The University Planning budgeting and analysis Committee (UPBAC) approved funding in its final budget for the Mission for Mentoring Program proposed by Andy Parker this spring.� Setup and development of the program and staff training is scheduled to take place next fall, withy actual mentoring in the program beginning the fall or 2003.� This program is designed to increase student retention through non-academic peer mentoring.� the expectation is that by the fifth year of the program almost every student will have been involved with the program in one form or another.� At its peak the program is projected to generate $650,00 in additional tuition revenue annually for the University.


Students at MSU-Bozeman are concerned over the possible tuition increase this coming year due to the 3-10% rescission of state funds.� Under these circumstances more tuition dollars to maintain an adequate level of funding may be justified.� The concern is that while tuition is increasing due to various concerns, this may set a precedent for future actions.� Students want to make sure any increase in tuition is adequately justified and utilized as effectively as possible.



Dan Geelan President ASMSUN


Parking Fee restructuring � Vice Chancellor Jensen and the Physical Plant Director, rob Harrison have presented ASMSUN the proposed parking fee restructuring on a number of occasions.� The proposal was also presented at a Town Hall meeting with any student input encouraged.� ASMSUN student Senate endorsed the proposal with a unanimous vote in light of a student survey that was taken earlier on in the year with the shape of the parking lots being one of the top two areas of concern of the students at MSU-Northern.


Student elections were held on April 10, 2002.� Dan Geelan was re-elected President, Jill Dion was elected vice President and Trace� Herman was elected Business Manager.��� Northern had a 24% student turnout for the elections.� The Lewistown students had a large impact on the election with two of the Senator positions won by students in Lewistown with write in votes.� One of the goals of this years ASMSUN Student Senate is to get the Great Falls and Lewistown Northern students more involved.


MSU-Northern graduated 390 students on May 10, 2002.� Joe McDonald from Salish Community College gave the Commencement Address.


Enrollment for summer and fall looks promising.


Free lunches will again be provided to Northern students on Tuesdays starting June 4.� Staff and faculty will be provided these lunches for $1.00.� We will also give away free Northern apparel.


Flagpole � ASMSUN wants to purchase and erect a third flagpole to display the school flag.� We will be contacting the Foundation and Alumni when all the preliminary research is completed.� Cost for the project is estimated at approximately $3000.00.


Redecoration of Student Government offices and lounge is underway with new paint and carpet throughout.� Lounge furniture was purchased two months ago and the new office furniture should arrive within a couple of weeks.


ASMSUN will be building its website this summer and will be available to the students when they return in the fall.� ASMSUN will also be encouraging the students to utilize the on-campus e-mail provided to them for better information disbursal.



Presented by Forrest� Jay, Vice President ASMT

Prepared by Jared Robertson, ASMT President


In May, Montana Tech graduated 400+ students.� This was for the academic year and includes both the North and South campuses.


ASMT recently elected seven new senators:� Josh Bullock, Tiffanie Gordon, Douglas Kirkaldie, Matt Kujawa, Josh Peck, David Laster, and Robbin Jay Piippo.� Two freshmen senators and one graduate senator will be elected in the fall.


Montana Tech�s chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) competed nationally in Reno, Nevada in the human powered vehicle (HPV) contest.� Tech�s 22-member teal placed 1st overall on the national level, making them the national champions.� Local news stations covered the outcome of this event, bringing even more recognition to Tech.


Montana Tech�s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) also competed in the concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Competition at the University of Idaho.� This was Tech�s first year competing in these events.� Their canoe took 3rd in technical presentation and 2nd in the women�s canoe sprint, and the bridge placed 2nd in aesthetics and 4th in construction time.


The Environmental Design Team attended their national competition in Las Cruces, New Mexico.� The design team competed in three events, the bridge structure task, the uranium task, and the iodine task.� The team took 1st place overall in the bridge structure, 2nd place overall in the uranium task, and the judges choice award for the iodine task.


The Mining team also attended their national event in Australia, and the team received 3rd place overall in their competition.


KMSM, Montana Tech�s student radio station will be switching from 106.9 FM to 107.1 FM over the summer.� This transition should be completed by the start of the academic year in August.