May 29-30, 2003




May 15, 2003



TO:������������� Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education


FROM:�������� Rod Sundsted

������������������ Associate Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs


SUBJECT:��� Campus Tuition Recommendations for FY04 and FY05

Attached are the campus tuition recommendations for FY04 and FY05.� The format used by each campus to present their recommendations includes the following:


Expenditure and Revenue Detail

Enrollment � The enrollment data elements provide FY03 budgeted enrollment and FY04 and FY05 projected enrollment by resident, WUE, and nonresident status.


Revenue � This section provides FY03 budgeted revenue (before special session) along with projected FY04 and FY05 revenue based upon legislative appropriations and projected enrollments at current tuition rates (without the previous surcharges).


Expenditures - This data provides FY03 budgeted expenditures (before special session) along with FY04 and FY05 current level expenditures adjusted for annualization of the prior pay plan, implementation of the FY04-05 pay plan, increased DoA rate charges, marginal cost for additional enrollments, promotions/tenure increases, library inflation, utility inflation, etc.


Projected Budget Excess/(Deficit) � This data element shows the projected FY04 and FY05 budget excess/(deficit) based upon FY03 (before special session) current level revenues and expenditures.


Transfer/Tuition/Budget Recommendations

Inter Campus Transfer Recommendations � This section provides detail on the inter campus transfers proposed by each university.


Budget Reduction Recommendations � This section includes detail and narrative on the recommended budget reductions for each campus.


Tuition Increase Recommendations � This section includes both FY03 (without surcharges) tuition levels along with recommended levels and percentage increases for FY04 and FY05.


Recommended Quality Enhancements/New Initiatives � Included are campus recommended quality enhancement and new initiatives above the current level funding for FY04 and FY05.


Budget/Tuition Summary � This provides a summary of how each campus recommends balancing their budget and it includes for FY04 and FY05 the beginning excess/(deficit), recommended inter campus transfers, recommended budget reductions, increased tuition revenue based upon the recommended rates, recommended quality enhancements/new initiatives, and an ending budget excess/(deficit).


No Tuition Increase Option � This section includes the dollar amount of the current level deficit without a tuition increase.� It also includes implications at the campus level should no tuition increase be authorized for the FY04-05 biennium.


In addition to the data elements, each presentation includes narrative that describes and provides supporting documentation for the recommendation.� Each of the university presentations also contains an executive summary of the budget recommendations and strategies and a summary of the tuition recommendations.