Transfer Data Workgroup Update

May 3, 2005


The second recommendation in the Transfer Audit says that we will:


a)�������� Periodically collect transfer data to assess system-wide policy compliance.

b)�������� Use reported data to make informed decisions.


The Transfer Data Workgroup is developing a report to comply with the charge in part �a� of the second recommendation.� We have been asked to determine what data should be collected; determine whether or not the data are currently available; and propose report formats, timelines, etc.� Although not technically required to assess compliance with policy, we are considering including some basic frequency figures in the report to address questions about the numbers of students that transfer and the number (and percentage) of credits that are transferred.


A number of the policy groups are working on policies that will require a �Yes/No� assessment of compliance rather than any kind of statistical report.� We will list those where appropriate but we are still undecided whether or not they not need to be part of an annual report.


The following notes are very preliminary and in many cases represent reactions to early drafts of the transfer policies.


         System of Controls:� There are three dates with notification/decision timelines to be monitored � material received, total credit and core evaluation, and major evaluation.� Each of these can be tracked with a total number of transcripts evaluated and percent completed within the timeline.� This item will also require a Yes/No assessment to verify that decisions are documented, an appeals process is in place, and records are retained in a safe, central location.


         General Education Transfer:� Track the number of students who transfer the entire block.� Track the number of appeals (and outcomes of the appeals).


         Associate Degree Revisions:� No statistical assessment with this one.� OCHE could list Associate programs that vary from MUS norms.


         Outdated Coursework:� Track the number of students who have received credit for coursework outside of the guarantee periods.� On campuses where this figure seems unusually high, a summary of reasons for the exceptions could be generated.� The OCHE should also maintain a list of those programs that have requested a stricter standard.


         GPA on Transcript:� Depending on which proposed policy is accepted the number of students who request a second GPA could be tracked.� The difference in the GPAs could also be tracked although this doesn�t seem to be a matter of compliance.


         Minimum Course Grades:� Depends on which version is accepted.� Where options are allowed the OCHE will need to maintain an inventory of those programs that have opted for something other than the standard.� Numbers of appeals and exceptions granted could possibly be tracked.


         LPN Programs:� The numbers of students that move/progress between (and within) programs could be tracked along with program attrition rates.� Other measures like pass rates on exams and employment rates have been mentioned but those might be more appropriate as outcome measures rather than compliance measures.