Tuition Waivers


As a result of our financial situation, we must search for alternatives to the certain prospect of again raising student tuition.�


For this January board meeting, I would find it very helpful if the board were to be presented with a factual summary of all fee waivers currently enjoyed by some students of the Montana University System.� With this presentation, I would also appreciate any light you might be able to shed on the source of these fee waivers.� In other words, which ones are funded by state dollars, student tuition/fees, and/or donations by alumni or other benefactors. Any data available that indicates the number of students enjoying the fee waivers compared to the number of students that do not might also be helpful for consideration.


While I do not expect our board to take formal action on this matter at the next meeting, I would also like the presentation to include some of the possible options the board might take if it so chooses to take action.�


Submitted by Student Regent Hur

January 16-17, 2003