TO:���������������������������� Board of Regents


FROM:���������������������� Rod Sundsted

����������������������������������� Associate Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs


SUBJECT:�������������� Long Range Building Projects for 2002/2003 Biennium


DATE:����������������������� May 1, 2000


The campuses of the Montana University System have been developing their Long Range Build Program (LRBP) project priority lists over the past six months.I have attached for your review and information, the highest priority projects identified through these campus processes.


The next step in this process is for the Board of Regents to establish a MUS system-wide priority list for the LRBP.Over the past six weeks I have been visiting the campuses to review the projects they have identified.Prior to the Board of Regents meeting in July, I will be meeting with the universities as we attempt to develop a system-wide priority list to recommend to the board at the July meeting.After the board adopts system-wide priorities in July, they will be submitted the Department of Administration for consideration as part of the state LRBP and inclusion in the executive budget.If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the process or the projects identified, please contact me.