Board of Regents
Virtual Meeting Information

General Meeting Information

The meeting will be streamed on YouTube and is available for viewing on our Live Streaming web page.

Campus Participation

Campuses have been instructed to set-up a “Zoom Room” on their respective campus to coordinate staff presentations and addressing items collectively in a safe, social distance approach.

Campus CEOs are encouraged to join from either their campus Zoom Room or from a computer or laptop if possible. Anyone who is presenting an item should plan to do so from their campus zoom room. Feel free to contact OCHE with a note about what item you’re speaking to and any questions.

Anyone interested in viewing the meeting, who is not scheduled to present an item or give public comment may view the meeting on our Live Streaming web page.

Public Comment & Participation

This meeting will be open to the public. If you wish to participate, please either register for the meeting or email Jasmine Casanovas with your name and a request and you will be sent instructions for joining and participating in the call. Written public comment is also welcome and appreciated. Written public comment via email may be sent to Jasmine Casanovas.

A time will be provided for oral public comment on the agenda, at that time, members of the public who have joined may "raise their hand" and participate after being recognized by the Board Chair. Comments will be taken in order.

Zoom Tip Sheet

Please review the Zoom Tip Sheet for suggestions on the screen view, audio testing and other helpful tools.