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A Student Success Initiative for Montana Students




What Is Montana 10?

Montana 10 is a student success pilot comprised of ten student success interventions in three core categories of supports: academic momentum, purpose and belonging, and financial support. The “10” refers to 10 integrated student success interventions with the outcome of 10 percentage point increase in retention and 10 percentage point increase in on-time completion. Montana 10 Scholars will be part of a group of students on campus leading the way in a new way of doing college.

Montana10 components: Financial Support, Academic Momentum, and Purpose & Belonging

How Can Montana 10 Help You Succeed?

We know that college is a big commitment. Being a Montana 10 Scholar will mean that you’ll have a lot more support and resources in helping you achieve your academic and career goals. As a Montana 10 Scholar, we know you will be more likely to graduate on time and more likely to graduate with less debt. This will set you up for professional and personal success throughout life. Montana 10 includes these key components to help you succeed:

  1. A dedicated orientation program for Montana 10 Scholars
  2. A dedicated advisor for Montana 10 Scholars
  3. A freshman seminar course specifically designed to successfully launch your college career
  4. A full-time schedule (30 credits per year)
  5. Tutoring resources specifically for Montana 10 Scholars
  6. Co-requisite math and writing courses
  7. Career development workshops to prepare you for employment during and after graduation
  8. A waiver covering all tuition and mandatory fees that remain after you apply for and receive financial aid (Pell Grant)
  9. A textbook stipend
  10. A grocery card each month of the semester

Are You Eligible to Become a Montana 10 Scholar?

To be eligible for Montana 10, you will need to:

Be Admitted to Helena College, MSU Billings, or UM Complete Your FAFSA and Be Pell-Eligible Be A First-Time Freshman (With Fewer Than 12 Credits) Attend College Full-Time (30 Credits Per Year)


Which Campuses Are Participating in Montana 10?

In its first cohort, 300 students will enroll in Fall 2020 at three institutions: Helena College, MSU Billings, and the University of Montana. By providing these students with the financial support they need to attend full-time, the guidance that helps students develop a reason for earning a college degree, and the academic support that will help them be successful, Montana Project 10 will make it more possible for all students to achieve a college degree.

Helena College Montana State University Billings University of Montana

Who Should You Contact?

Helena College, Sandra Bauman, Assoc Dean of Academic & Student Affairs, / 406-447-6928 MSU Billings, Laura Gittings-Carlson, Director, TRIO Student Support Services,, 406-657-1668 UM, Amy Capolupo, Director, Disability Services for Students,, 406-243-4584