The creation of a new postsecondary educational program, center, institute, or similar academic, research, or administrative unit (college, school, department, etc.) requires approval of the Board of Regents. To ensure adequate communication and collaboration between the other institutions of the MUS, OCHE, and the Board of Regents, campuses must complete the full three-step process represented below. This process is meant to begin at idea conception and end with a Board vote on the final proposal. No proposal for a new program or academic, research, or administrative unit will move forward to the Board without first completing the academic program planning and intent to plan phases of the process.

Submission/Approval Schedules for New Postsecondary Educational Programs / Centers / Institutes: 2019 | 2020

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*A Note on the Temporary Approval of a CAS or AAS Program

When offered in cooperation with and/or at the request of private or public sector partners and when the decision point to offer the program is not consistent with the regular Board of Regents program approval process, the Commissioner of Higher Education may grant temporary approval for a CAS or AAS program.

A temporary approval proposal should be submitted as a Level I item, subverting the new postsecondary educational program planning and approval process for up to two years. If continuation of the program beyond two years is desired, the institution must complete the full new postsecondary educational program Level II proposal process beginning by including the program on the institution's Academic Program Plan.