Commissioner's Corner

Performance Funding Update
April 29, 2013

The Performance Funding Taskforce has worked over the past six weeks to develop a draft performance funding model for Board of Regents’ consideration at the upcoming May 23 meeting.  Before the model is presented to the Regents, I am asking for campus leaders to disseminate this draft to faculty and staff throughout the MUS for feedback. (see link below)

The proposed model is intended to serve as a mechanism for allocating $7.5M of the state appropriations (approximately 5% of the total) in the 2014-15 academic year.  It is critical that we develop this model well in advance to allow adequate time for planning and budgeting to occur. This process is what we’ve deemed the “short-term” approach.  The “longer-term” approach will occur during the 2013-14 academic year and will allow for more participation by faculty, staff, and students, and other key stakeholders at our colleges and universities throughout Montana.  It is anticipated that the longer-term approach will work to design a full performance model to be implemented in 2015-16.

Most importantly, throughout this process we cannot lose sight of the importance of maintaining academic quality.  It is the quality of our campuses that attracts students, and it is our quality programs and faculty above all that promote student success.

I want to caution all that the data used in this draft model is intended for example purposes only.  The results you see will not be used to allocate funds. More current data will be used if and when this model is implemented. (DRAFT Performance Funding Taskforce Report and Recommendations)

Please send feedback, questions, and/or suggestions to any member of the Performance Funding Taskforce listed below.   

Joseph Thiel
Jeffrey Krauss

Liz Putnam, Faculty Member, Faculty Senate Chair-elect
Perry Brown, Interim Provost
Dawn Ressel, Associate Vice President for Planning, Budget, & Analysis

Robert Mokwa, Faculty Member, Faculty Senate Chair-elect
Terry Leist, Vice President of Administration & Finance
Chris Fastnow, Director of Planning & Analysis

Susan Briggs, UM Western, Vice Chancellor of Administration & Finance

Susan Wolff, Great Falls College MSU, CEO/Dean

Seamus Manley, UM Western Student

Tyler Trevor, Deputy Commissioner for Planning & Analysis
John Cech, Deputy Commissioner for Two-Year and Community College Education
Mick Robinson, Deputy Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs
Neil Moisey, Deputy Commissioner, Academic, Research & Student Affairs