November 21-22, 2002


ITEM 117-2002-R1102��������������� Authorization to Purchase and Install a Modular Building; Montana State University-Bozeman��������


THAT:�� ����������������������������������� Consistent with the provisions of MCA 18-2-102 (2) (b), the Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Montana State University-Bozeman to purchase and install a modular building, at Montana State University-Bozeman.� The estimated cost for this project is $250,000.��������� �����������


EXPLANATION:����������������������� 1.�� The Office of Facilities Services at MSU is located in a small brick building (constructed in 1950) and a series of salvaged buildings including 13 salvaged WWII galvanized quonset huts. The last minor expansion of space for the Facilities operation occurred in 1983, when a lean-to vehicle shed was enclosed to expand the Electrician's Shop.


2.�� Due to marginal growth in the Facilities operation over the past two decades, staff additions have resulted in increasingly cramped conditions. The Campus Stores area has been reduced by ~20% to accommodate increased space needs of accounting operations and several areas of attic space were occupied by CADD operations.


3.�� This project will allow Facilities Services to purchase and install approximately 2200 square feet of modular office space to house the Work Control functions. This will also permit some associated operational consolidations to occur among the other office functions.


4.�� This project will be financed with revenue from Facilities Services non-state (designated) operations and will result in no new programs.�����������������������������������������������


ATTACHMENT ������������             Montana Board of Regents - Physical Plant - Policy 1003.7