AIMA Council

The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) has approved the creation of a Montana University System American Indian Minority Achievement Advisory Council to identify ways in which we can strengthen our service to all people of Montana. This Council will focus on the following items in order to make recommendations for the Board of Regents’ review:

  • Map current programs, projects, and initiatives to determine connections and opportunities to enhance connections

  • Ensure clear messaging regarding diversity through current policy and recommendations for future policy

  • Identify and suggest opportunities to engage graduatescampus communities in learning about equity and inclusion

  • Identify best practices for recruitment, orientation, and retention for students and faculty/staff

  • Identify structured opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and professional development

  • Review current data and identify areas for deeper analysis and opportunities for further research

  • Ultimately make recommendations to Board of Regents to help define our responsibilities under Indian Education for All in a measurable and meaningful way

2017-2018 AIMA Council Members

Voyd St. Pierre, Superintendent- Rocky Boy Schools
Mandy Smoker Broaddus, Indian Education Director- Office of Public Instruction
Ron Muffick, Director of Operations- Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
Stacey Sherwin, Director of Institutional Effectiveness- Salish Kootenai College
Dr. Kate Shanley, Native American Studies- University of Montana
Casey Lozar, Regent-Montana University System
Dr. Florence Garcia, Associate Dean- City College
Carmen Taylor- Education Consultant
Royelle Bundy, Director of American Indian Student Services- University of Montana
Christina Estrada Underwood, Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs- MSU Northern
Tom Crady, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs- University of Montana
Dr. Matt Caires, Dean of Students-Montana State University
Sandra Bauman, Director of Academic Success-Great Falls College
Dr. Walter Fleming, Native American Studies-Montana State University
Angela McLean, Director of American Indian and Minority Achievement and K-12 Partnerships, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
Dr. John Cech, Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education- Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education

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