Use of Cookies and Google Analytics

The Montana University System (MUS) website uses cookies.


In order to make our website more user-friendly and continuously improve it, we use cookies to collect anonymous information. For example, cookies collect information on what pages were visited and how long each visitor stayed on a page. This anonymous information is used to improve our website content, design, and the services we offer. If you continue to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies.

If you prefer not to receive cookies, configure your browser not to accept them at all, or to notify and require your approval before setting new cookies. This may cause some websites or webpages to malfunction, and/or you may have to provide the same information each time you visit those websites or webpages.

This website specifically uses Google Analytics to analyze web traffic. Google uses cookies to collect anonymous web traffic data, which the MUS uses to improve our online services, information and user experience. Through our use of the Google Analytics application, neither the MUS nor Google collect personally identifiable information.

The following information may be automatically collected and retained when you view or search through MDA our websites, or download information:

  • The type of browser and operating system used to visit the site;
  • The date and time of when you access the site; and
  • Which portions of the website you visit.

We do not attempt to gain personally identifiable information about individual users and associate it with IP addresses. The MUS does not use the information collected to ascertain your personally identifiable information.

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