Dual Enrollment

Save Time

Take the courses you'll need in college, while in high school and...
  • Explore your options!
  • Take your credit with you!
  • Finish your degree on time!
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Save Money

Dual enrollment = college courses at a huge discount!
  • Dual enrollment courses are offered for half price tuition, a 50% savings on tuition alone!
  • Most courses have no fees*, saving you even more money!
  • On average dual enrollment students pay 1/5 to ½ of what they would pay for the same course in college.**
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Ease into College

Get a preview of what it takes to be successful
  • Dual enrollment courses are college courses. You’ll gain first-hand experience of the academic and time-management expectations for college success.
  • Get an introduction to college life while you maintain the comfort and support you have at home.
  • Take one class at a time, or several, to prove your readiness for a full schedule in college.