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Montana University System
2500 Broadway St., P.O. Box 203201
Helena, Montana 59620-3201
Phone: (406) 444-6570
FAX: (406) 444-1469
Last updated:  February 2, 2015

Staff Directory



Clayton Christian Commissioner of Higher Education 444-0374
Amy DeMato Executive Assistant to the Commissioner and the Board of Regents 444-0374
Elizabeth Baker Administrative Assistant 444-0311
Elaine Gingery Administrative Assistant 444-0339

Academic, Research & Student Affairs

Neil Moisey Deputy Commissioner, Academic, Research & Student Affairs 444-0312
Brandi Foster Director of American Indian / Minority Achievement 444-0332
Ron Muffick Director of Student Affairs 444-0369
Karin Janssen CCN Program Manager & Academic Policy and Process Analyst 444-0607
Vacant Director of Research  

Administrative & Fiscal Affairs

Mick Robinson Deputy Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs / Chief of Staff 444-0319
Frieda Houser Director of Accounting and Budget 444-0320
Leah Tietz Director, Work Comp & Risk Management 444-0615
Sherrie Lindbo Financial Manager 444-0323
Kelly Hert Federal Accountant 444-0321
Laurie Tobol Student Assistance Manager and State Certifying Officer 444-0322
Debbie Bunker Payroll / Benefits 444-0324
Lindsey Mueller Accounting and Program Specialist 444-0604

Insurance / Benefits
-:- Fax Number: 444-0222

Connie Welsh Director of Benefits 444-0614
Mary Lachenbruch Associate Director of Benefits 444-0330
Susan Witte Regulatory and Compliance Officer 444-0633
Amy Berry Pensions and Education Savings Administrator 444-0613
Chelsi Dupler Benefits Specialist 444-0331
Jane Liedle Benefits Specialist 444-0329

Planning & Analysis / IT

Tyler Trevor Deputy Commissioner for Planning & Analysis 444-0307
John Thunstrom MUS IT Director 544-3822
Edwina Morrison IT Office Manager 444-0326
Jared Smith Computer Support Specialist 461-1192

Student Financial Services

Ron Muffick Director, Student Affairs 444-0369
Carie Kelly Outreach Coordinator 444-7368
Andrea Opitz Outreach Coordinator 444-0681

Communications & Human Resources

Kevin McRae Deputy Commissioner for Communications & Human Resources 444-0327
Jackie Salveson Human Resources & Labor Relations Specialist 444-0315
Ruth Anne Hansen Human Resources & Labor Relations Specialist 444-0610

Legal Division

Vivian Hammill MUS Chief Legal Counsel / Deputy Commissioner 444-0325
Jessica Brubaker Associate Legal Counsel 444-0314

Two-Year & Community College Education

John Cech Deputy Commissioner for Two-Year and Community College Education 444-0316
Sue Jones Director of Two-Year Mission Integration 444-0318
Mindi Askelson Big Sky Pathways & Perkins Program Manager 444-0313
Erik Rose Access & Compliance Program Manager 444-0608
Katie Spalinger Administrative Associate 444-0632

Educational Talent Search

Jeannie Origbo Director, Educational Talent Search 444-0334
Aspen Herndon Assistant Program Services & Data Manager 444-0335
Dugan Coburn Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - Great Falls Target Area 268-6199
Shirley Bollich Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - Great Falls Target Area 268-6199
Danetta Fisher Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - N.Cheyenne Target Area 477-8607
Michael LeaderCharge Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - Flathead Target Area 275-4871
  Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - Blackfeet Target Area 338-2725
Joe Jessepe Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - Blackfeet Target Area 338-2745
Lauren Stites Pre-College Advisor/Program Coordinator - Crow Target Area 639-2385

(Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs)
Website: -:- Fax Number: 444-0425

Zach Hawkins Director, Gear Up 444-0317
Sara Berg Special Projects Coordinator 444-0646
Suzin Kratina Senior Project Manager 444-0301
Andrea Rankin Gear Up Program Manager 444-0674
Lucille Thomason Gear Up School Eastern Schools Grant Manager 444-0598
Janelle Egli Gear Up School Western Schools Grant Manager 444-0848
Katie Meier Gear Up College Access Manager 444-0350
Jessie Bliss Program and Communications Coordinator 444-0056

Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program (MGSLP)

Website: -:- Fax: 406-444-1869


Robin Graham Chief Financial Officer 444-0360
Amber Dullum Administrative Assistant 444-0353
Mike Mazanec Computer Systems Analyst 444-2494
Jared Smith Computer Support Specialist 461-1192

Scholarships & Grants

Sheila Newlun State Scholarship Coordinator 444-0638
Sandy Matule Scholarship & Grants Specialist 444-0605
Amy Berry Education Savings Analyst 444-0613

Borrower Services

Cheryl Poelman-Allen Borrower Services Manager 444-0390
Richard Kincaid Default Prevention Leadworker 444-0367
Vicki Hewitt Borrower Services Specialist 444-0386
Dianna Lee Borrower Services Specialist 444-0389
Caitlin Kemnitz Borrower Services Specialist 444-0383
Vince Justice Borrower Services Specialist 444-0077
Mike Stebbins Borrower Services Specialist 444-0075
Melanie Pankratz Borrower Services Specialist 444-0934
Wendy Lee Borrower Services Specialist 444-0036
Debbie Austin Borrower Services Specialist 444-0073
Marquita Sollars Borrower Services Specialist 444-0344
Heather Hanser Borrower Services Specialist 444-0074
Amber Toney Borrower Services Specialist 444-0343
Jason Hyronemus Borrower Services Specialist 444-0362
Lisa Coble Borrower Services Specialist 444-0394
Jerika Enderes Borrower Services Specialist 444-0637
Amanda Taylor Borrower Services Specialist 444-0392
Vanessa Sollars Borrower Services Specialist 444-0644
Lynette Hecker Borrower Services Specialist 444-0392

Accounting / Claims

Jamie Dushin Accounting Manager 444-0381
Linda Cronholm Accounting Technician 444-0363
Sandy Miller Accounting Technician 444-0361
Marianne Meegan Claim Review 444-7328
Ted Broderick Compliance / Claims 444-1565

Student Financial Services

Ron Muffick Director, Student Affairs 444-0369
Carie Kelly Outreach Coordinator 444-7368
Andrea Opitz Outreach Coordinator 444-0681

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