Successful Healing and Return to Work

    1. Report all incidents to your supervisor as early as possible, even if you aren't certain you will seek medical attention.  Workers’ Compensation claims require timely notice, a delay in reporting could negatively hinder appropriate care, delay healing and increase costs of the claim.

    2. Provide complete and accurate information and maintain communication with your workers’ compensation team -- yourself, your medical provider, your supervisor, your campus claim coordinator and your claim adjuster.

    3. Follow directions provided by your medical care provider and claim adjuster.

    4. Participate in opportunities for temporary, transitional return to work if you are not immediately able to return to regular job duties.  Appropriate job activities facilitate healing and prevent unnecessary economic loss to the employee.  MUS offers Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Assistance intended to facilitate meaningful temporary, transitional work opportunities within their medically approved abilities during the healing process.  Employees who are capable of work but choose not to work are not eligible for workers’ compensation time-loss/wage-replacement benefits.  

    5. Prevent future injuries to you or your co-workers by assisting with injury prevention strategies and by following safe work practices.  

    6. Contact your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for additional resources.  An injury or time away from work can be stressful, and often other stressors occur at the same time that can slow recovery and return to work.  The EAP provides free short-term counseling for you and your family. Often, a couple of visits with a counselor is all you need to gain perspective on a problem and a sense of control in your life.  Contact the MUS EAP for confidential assistance with issues related to  stress, depression, finances, legal, family, drugs/alcohol and other problems.

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