Montana University System Tuning Initiative


With support from the Lumina Foundation and College!NOW, the Montana University System will engage in a pilot initiative to tune Associate of Science program of study in business with Bachelor of Science in business degrees.

Tuning encourages faculty to identify the learning that constitutes the core of their discipline and to scale student proficiency in that discipline according to degree levels. The initial results of this process should be a body of explicit proficiency and outcome statements that make clear to students what they are expected to learn.

Generally speaking, Tuning enables faculty to better establish quality and relevance of degrees in various academic disciplines and professional fields. More specifically, Tuning produces the following six key benefits:

  1. Facilitates student success and retention, especially among students from underserved groups, by creating clear expectations for, and pathways to, degree completion;

  2. Simplifies the process for students transferring credits between institutions;

  3. Emphasizes lifelong learning and important, but often undervalued, transferable skills;

  4. Aligns the roles of higher education institutions;

  5. Increases higher education’s responsiveness to changes in knowledge and its application; and

  6. Ensures the knowledge and applied skills associated with coursework align with civic, societal, and workforce needs.