Montana State University Billings/City College

Action Plan
Recommendations Action Plan Next Steps Person Responsible Implementation Date
Recommendation 1: Senior level point of contact. Regular updates provided to Chancellor’s Cabinet, Jacket Leadership Team and the Provost Council.

Meetings occur bi-weekly and monthly.

Director of NAAC, Sunny Day Real Bird & Dr. Kim Hayworth, Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success (SAS) July 2019

Recommendation 2: Department points of contact

Regular updates with Student Access and Success and Provost Council meetings.

Director of NAAC is a member of the SAS Leadership Team.
SAS meetings twice a month & Provost Council meeting once a month Director of NAAC, Sunny Day Real Bird & Dr. Kim Hayworth, Vice Chancellor for SAS July 2019

Recommendation 3: Data collection and dissemination

Overall American Indian Info available to MSUB Campus:

 -OCHE Generated Data/Rpts

 -MSUB Internal Aggregate Rprts

 -American Indian Enrollment, Retention & Graduation Rate info. part of standard internal reporting

Detailed Student Level Info.

  1. APEX Advisor/Enrollment several reports-student level data-enrollment, class list, not returning
  2. Possible Modifications to Support AIMA. Add an American Indicator to record.
  3. Argos American Indian Outreach Application-provides American Indian student list with contact information
4. Add Hoc Requests via online form

Semester reports on NA enrollment, retention, and graduation sent to admin. & Department Chairs. Utilize data to make informed decisions & impact Strategic Plan

Responsible Office: Information Tech.

-Sunny Day Real Bird, Director of American Indian Outreach, (406) 657-2144, 2630 Normal Avenue

-Joann Stryker, Institutional Research Director
(406) 247-5752
303 McMullen Hall

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Recommendation 4: Professional development

OCHE version of a Higher Education IEFA.

  1. Every staff member participates in the IEFA module.
  2. Review the presentation that Dr. Garcia and Joe developed regarding NAS culture/historical training presentation for faculty and staff. Determine if presentation can be updated for future use.

Work with Chancellor’s Cabinet and HR to ensure every staff member completes the IEFA module.

Seek support from Chancellor’s Cabinet for Higher Ed IEFA module to be used in all new employee onboarding.

Director of NAAC, Sunny Day Real Bird will review Dr. Garcia/Joe McGeshick presentation for future use.

Campus will be invited to speakers series/events to coincide with PowWow/Celebrating Local Indigenous Cultures Sept. 17-Nov. 3.

Fall 2021
Recommendation 5: Dissemination of professional development
  1. The action plan is to seek support from Chancellor, Provost & Vice Chancellors to support 3, 4 & 5.
  2. Offer Native Student Resiliency Mini Workshops (approx..20 minutes) to campus departments – already offered first one spring 2021 to SAS & Friends meeting.


All new hires will view the higher ed. version of IEFA as part of new employee onboarding for all faculty and staff.

Expand Native Student Resiliency Mini-Workshop to other departments

Sunny Day Real Bird & Chancellor’s Cabinet Fall 2021