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Action Plan
Recommendations Action Plan Next Steps Person Responsible Implementation Date
Recommendation 1: Senior level point of contact. Select new senior level point of contact


Johnny MacLean Completed
Recommendation 2: Department points of contact.

Update list of committee members on the campus AIMA committee for fall 2022. Completed 

Assign departmental points of contact in Financial Aid (Louise Driver), Housing (Bonita Bontrager), Admissions (Augustina Wofford), Counseling (Morgan Bialas), Registrar (Becky Stuart), HR (Kelly Graham), and Advising (Randy Johnson), Faculty (Nanci Red Bird, Lona Running Wolf, and Laura Wright), Students (Tana Campbell), Safety (Monique Schofield), Outreach (Ryann Gibson), TRIO (Rob Micken), Athletics (Michael Feuling).  Completed

Committee commits to meeting monthly to discuss goals for the campus related to recruitment, retention and graduation of Native American students.  Focus of the meetings is also identifying areas of concern and obstacles that the students are facing and developing a more comprehensive model of reaching these students. 

Two new student scholars will need to be identified for the coming year. Work with Student scholars to continue outreach to current students and increasing awareness of the multi-cultural room and club to try and increase engagement.

Johnny MacLean

Committee Structure: Complete

Student Scholars: Ongoing

Recommendation 3:  

Data collection and dissemination.

Collect, analyze, and disseminate data regarding Native American student enrollment, retention, and completion.  Identify areas of improvement.  Create and execute a plan for improvement.


Work with the Director of Institutional Research to complete the action plan.

Charity Walters, Director of Institutional research

Louise Driver, Director of Financial Aid


Recommendation 4: Professional development.

*AIMA provided IEFA training information to campuses.

*IEFA training Phase I: Rollout IEFA via Moodle to the campus during Fall 2022.  

We will investigate other training options to complement the IEFA training.  Examples may include:

  • Guest speakers from OPI, tribal partners, etc.;
  • Guest speakers/facilitators from campus;
  • Shared professional development between UMW and the local school district.

Every employee is invited to complete the IEFA course via Moodle.

IEFA training: Complete

Investigating other training options: Ongoing

Recommendation 5:  Dissemination of professional development.

*Incorporate American Indian professional development in all new employee training. Provide ongoing trainings, articles and other information to the larger campus.

*Use High Impact Practices to support closing the equity gap.

See “Next Steps” for Recommendation 4.

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