Helena College University of Montana

Action Plan
Recommendations Action Plan Next Steps Person Responsible Implementation Date

Recommendation 1:
Senior level point of contact.

N/A The Executive Director of Enrollment will remain in this position. Sarah Dellwo, Executive Director of Enrollment reporting directly to the Dean/CEO Ongoing

Recommendation 2:
Department points of contact.

Helena College departmental points of contact will provide focused areas of expertise and will coordinate with the College’s AIMA student representative. Reconfirm points of contact on an annual basis to account for departmental changes.  
  • Financial Aid – Financial Aid Specialist/Work Study Coordinator – Dana Palen
  • Admissions/RegistrarExecutive Director of Enrollment – Sarah Dellwo
  • Student Health and Counseling Disabilities Resource CoordinatorKasandra Reddington and Director of Student Life – Emily Schuff
  • Human Resources Executive Director of Operations - Kelley Turner
  • AdvisingAcademic AdvisorGreg Thompson and Executive Director of Enrollment – Sarah Dellwo
Ongoing - Updated every August for the upcoming school year

Recommendation 3:
Data collection and dissemination.

Use the American Indian Student Success Dashboard to help the campus understand how American Indian students are being served.

Ensure Cabinet is reviewing the information on a semester basis to understand what progress is being made or areas where action needs to be taken.

Institutional Research is building course modality and persistence data dashboards for Helena College that can be broken out by Race/Ethnicity to provide a better understanding of how students are doing.

Director of Institutional Research – Jesse Pate

Executive Director of Enrollment – Sarah Dellwo
Ongoing and Spring 2024

Recommendation 4:
Professional development.

Continue providing education to all employees through the MUS provided AIEA training and review options for specific training concerning area functions.

All employees are required to take the AIEA course upon hire. Encourage areas to take specific courses that help areas to understand how they can specifically assist American Indian students. Use the professional development process to ensure that the campus is receiving options for development campus wide.

For Academic Year 2023-2024 we will be partnering with the Helena Indian Alliance to provide Cultural Appropriateness Training to Staff and Faculty. 

Professional Development Committee Chair – Rotating

Human Resources Generalist – Mary Twardos

Cabinet Members

Ongoing and Fall and Spring 2023-2024

Recommendation 5:
Dissemination of professional development.

Participate in professional development to help attract and attain more Native students and employees in accordance with our strategic plan.

Work with community partners to help build stronger pathways for students by understanding their needs.   

For Academic Year 2023-2024 we are partnering with Helena Indian Alliance to provide education for staff and current students. All students in COLS 101 will be visiting the Helena Indian Alliance. We will be working with them on celebrating November as Native American Heritage Month and inviting a Tribal Elder speak as part of Bryant Elementary Community partnership for 5th graders. 

COLS 101 Instructors 

Helena Indian Alliance

Bryant Elementary 

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024