Action Plan
Recommendations Action Plan Next Steps Person Responsible Implementation Date

Recommendation 1:
Senior level point of contact.

Chief Diversity Officer/Tribal Liaison/Advisor to the Chancellor position created a collaboration between Chancellor Kegel’s office and the US Department of Education NASNTI (Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions) grant program known as the Little River Institute at MSUN. Dr. Margarett Campbell (Assiniboine) was hired to fill this position. The position moved from Director of American Indian Education to Chief Diversity Officer. Dr. Campbell is a member of the Chancellor’s Executive Committee and Core Leadership at MSUN. Her office is conveniently located in Cowan Hall and she has ready access to the Chancellor and the Provost. Campbell works with LRI to be the first point of contact of AI (American Indian) students to address their specific needs. Dr. Campbell reports directly to Chancellor Greg Kegel. The LRI Director’s position has been filled. Dr. Campbell will work with the new Director on retention and Tribal Liaison issues. Fully Implemented

Recommendation 2:
Department points of contact.

Identify key departmental contacts Complete active searches for Director of Recruiting and Director of Human Resources and update “points of contact” list.

The following are primary points of contact for AI students:

a) Financial Aid: Director Lourdes Caven

b) Residence Life and Housing: Dean of Students: Corey Kopp

c) Admissions: Interim Director Jim Potter – There is an active search for a permanent Director.

d) Student Health and Counseling:
Director of Student Health Wanda Meredith

(RN) and Counselor Amber Spring (LCPC).

e) Registrar: Registrar Alisha Schroeder

f) Human Resources: Director Human Resources – There is an active search for this position.

g) Advising: Director of LRI, Alissa Cook

h) Business Services: Controller Chris Wendland

Fully Implemented

Recommendation 3:
Data collection and dissemination.

Assess data on Native American student success for those utilizing the Little River Institute, Student Support Services, and Tutoring Central

Post data dashboards with images that display equity gaps in student success indicators.

Develop dashboards with data on equity gaps.

Work with IT to post dashboards on the MSUN site.

Dean of Enrollment Management, Registrar, Institutional Research, Director Little River Institute, and Director Student Support Services December 2023

Recommendation 4:
Professional development.

Via the Human Resources Home Page under Educational Opportunities, MSU-Northern has made available the “Indian Education for All in Montana for One MUS” course.   Director of Human Resources Fully Implemented

Recommendation 5:
Dissemination of professional development.

The Chief Diversity Officer provided Native American cultural/education/training/presentation to all employees at new employee orientation in Fall 2023. This included new employees as well. This will continue annually. Chief Diversity Officer/ HR updates training for new employees each year. Chief Diversity Officer/ Director of Human Resources Fully Implemented. The next presentation will be at Fall 2024 Faculty and Staff Orientation.