American Indian Waiver

Persons of at least one-fourth (1/4) degree Indian blood or are enrolled members of a state recognized or federally recognized Indian tribe which is located within the boundaries of the State of Montana may be eligible for a waiver upon demonstration of financial need. "Financial need" is defined as having at least one dollar of remaining need after subtracting Expected Family Contribution, all Title IV grant aid and institutional aid from the cost of attendance. Duplication of tuition designated awards is not allowed.


Montana National Guard Tuition Waiver

Beginning in the fall semester of 2020, a student who is a member of the Montana National Guard is eligible for a tuition waiver, provided the student:

  1. Is a bona fide member of the Montana National Guard at the start of the semester for which the student is enrolling;
  2. Has been certified as a Montana National Guard member in good standing by the Adjutant General;
  3. Does not hold a baccalaureate degree or higher; and
  4. Meets all admission requirements of the institution.

Waivers for students who meet the criteria above will be applied as last dollar awards, up to the total annual cost of in-state tuition only. Thus, individual tuition waiver amounts will vary, depending on the amount of federal grants and scholarships received by the student. Montana National Guard members who do not meet the residency requirements provided in BOR Policy 940.1 but meet the criteria above, are eligible for in-state tuition status for purposes of applying the tuition waiver under this policy. 

Honorably Discharged Veteran Waiver

To be eligible, the student must have been honorably discharged from the service and have served with the United State Armed forces in any of its wars. The person must also be a resident of the state of Montana. 


War Orphans Waiver

A waiver is available, upon approval of the Commissioner of Higher Education, for children aged 25 or less, whose parent(s) served on active duty during World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts. Such members of the armed forces must have been Montana residents at the time of entry into service, and must have been killed in action or died as a result of combat related injury, disease, or other disability.


Surviving Dependents of Montana Firefighters/Peace Officers Tuition Waiver

A waiver is available, for dependents or spouses of a Montana Firefighter or Peace Officer that was killed in the course and scope of employment. The Firefighter/Peace Officer and the Spouse/Dependent must be Montana residents. 

National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship

Tuition shall be waived for Montana students receiving a National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship. This scholarship (tuition waiver) will be valid through the first 2 consecutive semesters of enrollment, excluding credits earned prior to high school graduation. The holder of this scholarship must enter one of the Montana University System campuses within nine months after high school graduation. A satisfactory standard must be maintained to be eligible to use the scholarship for both semesters. The scholarship is not transferable.

Students who have been selected as National Merit Semi-finalists, will automatically be sent information regarding this waiver in the spring of their senior year. If you have not received information from your school by mid-April, please contact our office to check the status.