Discover how to find the best career path for you.


Check out Montana Career Pathways -- a college and career initiative that helps students learn about career options that are in demand in Montana. Find out what activities you can engage in or classes you can take to prepare for your next step after high school graduation. Find careers that interest you, research education and training opportunities, and start down your path.


Visit the Montana Career Lab, provided by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, to find all kinds of resources for career exploration.


The U. S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics offers a lot of resources to help explore your career options.


Montana Career Information System offers:

  • Assessments to help you identify your interests, skills and values, and match them to occupations.
  • Tools to help answer questions about yourself and connect to occupations that may interest you.
  • Resources to help create a career plan for you.

To learn more about yourself and create a career plan, visit Montana Career Information System