In March 2018, the Montana Board of Regents charged the Office of the Commisioner to develop and improve protocols ensuring that the Montana's common course numbering system remains up-to-date and continues to assist students as they transfer.

Over the coming year, more than 2,600 courses were brought into compliance with CCN and learning outcomes were added or updated for more than 5,600 courses. More importantly, this effort led to the development of processes to ensure CCN remains up to date and new tools that leverage CCN to provide MUS students clearer pathways towards succesful transfer.

CCN Audits

Regular audits assist CCN campus liaisons in identifying and addressing courses that are out of compliance with CCN requirements. A recently introduced CCN Quality Audit will provide an additional layer of quality control, providing analysis of courses repeated by transfer students and benchmarking transfer student's performance in sequences of courses taken across multiple institutions.



CCN Faculty Councils

Faculty Councils provide a regular opportunity for faculty across the system to meet within disciplinary groups to review CCN course outcomes and ensure that course equivalencies correspond with student learning. Faculty councils are charged to: 

  1. For disciplines with bachelor’s degrees, develop “transfer pathways” showing recommended course of study in the first two years.
  2. Compare outcomes among commonly transferred or repeated courses to ensure outcomes remain within 80%. Define/alter FLOC outcomes as necessary.
  3. Briefly review full array of courses within rubric(s) to identify courses that appear similar/duplicative and might be amended so they are equivalent (With a goal to make offerings at the lower division more consistent).

 Faculty councils are organized so that all rubrics and courses are reviewed on a four year cycle.




Montana University System Transfer Pathways

Montana transfer pathways outline the knowledge and skills that are essential for students to complete during their first two years of study in a given discipline. The coursework described in a pathway will meet degree requirements at all participating Montana University System campuses offering undergraduate degrees in that discipline. If a student completes this coursework successfully, they will be well-positioned to finish their degree with an additional two years of full-time study at their transfer college.

Transfer pathways are developed by CCN Faculty Councils and then reviewed and approved through campus curriculum review processes.  There are currently ten pathways in development, for a planned launch in Spring 2021. 



Draft Pathways in Development



Elementary Education

Computer Science


Faculty Resources