Question #1

In November of 2005, Montana State University announced it would hire an outside expert to investigate whether University’s research funds were being used appropriately. This was in response to questions raised by the student government about whether tuition was being used to bear the cost of research buildings and other overhead that should be funded by research grants.  Where can the public find the report, what was the result of the investigation, when was it presented to the board and what actions have been taken?

  • Montana State University (MSU) hired the Huron Consulting Group to review MSU policies and procedures for distributing the Facilities and Administrative (F & A) funds.  F & A funds (also known as indirect cost recoveries) are dollars received from external organizations that support research conducted by university faculty (also known as indirect cost recoveries).  The report is available on line at: 
  • The results of the study indicated there is little evidence suggesting that tuition increases are affected by the presence or growth of campus-based research. The results were disseminated through a September 22, 2006 letter from President Gamble to MSU students, staff, and faculty leadership groups.  The Commissioner of Higher Education also received a copy of the letter. 
    [Q1 Attachment 1: Sept 2006 Letter]
  • President Gamble reported the completion of the Huron report to the Regents at the September 2006 Board of Regents meeting. 

  • MSU followed through with the suggested recommendations contained in the report.