Question #2

Please provide a full accounting of all contracts for research grants by project in 2006 and 2007, 2008 including total Revenue, source of funds and purpose, percentage of Indirect Costs and specific use of Indirect Cost Recoveries.  

  • As might be expected in a large research enterprise, these lists are extensive (4000+ items at each campus).  The following are links to research contracts for both MSU and UM for FY 2006 – 2008.

    Q2 Attachment1: UM Research Contracts
    Q2 Attachment2: MSU Research Contracts

  • The MSU policy on indirect cost recoveries provided below describes the general process for using these funds (a similar policy is employed at UM):

Investment of F&A Funds
In keeping with clear legislative intent, the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) funds recovered from university sponsored grants and contracts will be used to support the research enterprise of MSU.  Recovered F&A funds will be distributed by campus-determined formula to both academic departments and to a central investment pool.  The purpose of the investment pool will be to support institutional fixed costs, which include debt service, lease payments, administration of grants and contracts, library e-journal support, information technology support and administrative overhead support.  Distributions to the academic departments will be invested in support of the department’s research program costs such as support for graduate students, equipment purchases, lab renovations and grant proposal preparation costs.