Question #6

Please list all out-of-county, out-of-state travel and in-state travel expenses and reimbursements for FTEs fitting the description of Questions 4-6 and the purpose for each travel, expenses and reimbursements.

  • This is an example of a question that requires a very detailed response, as mentioned in Commissioner Stearns' cover letter. A complete response to this question would require a review of individual travel vouchers for all faculty and staff engaged in research. The response to this question needs to be reviewed with the regents to obtain their guidance on the process we should use in responding.

  • Travel required as part of sponsored programs is governed by federal guidelines and is part of the approved budget by the sponsoring agency.  Foreign travel is included in “Out-of-State” travel. Travel expenditures for the offices of sponsored projects on each campus are listed below: 

Travel Expenditures for Office of Sponsored Projects

Fiscal Years  UM MSU
In-State Out-of-State In-State Out-of-State
FY06   $994,895 $1,377,959 $738,845 $1,843,034
FY07   $1,080,546 $1,433,924 $713,310 $1,902,053
FY08    $1,368,836 $1,504,696 $659,366 $1,978,772