Question #8

What are the Montana University System’s total lobbying expenses for 2006, 2007, and 2008?  Please list all employees, contracted services in state and out of state, and sub-contractors paid by campus and payment sources.

  • Both Montana State University and The University of Montana contract with firms in Washington, DC to assist them with their research efforts.  The firms help MUS researchers navigate the maze of federal agencies to match our faculty members’ interests and expertise with available funding sources.  The firms also help our research offices interface with staff in the offices of Montana’s congressmen to gain support for research agencies and special initiatives.  These efforts, which have fostered exceptional success and growth, help Montana’s citizens and Montana’s economy in addition to adding to the country’s role in contributing global science solutions to pressing human problems.
  • Montana State University utilizes Van Scoyoc Associates as their federal relations firm. Total expenses were as follows:
    • FY 06      $194,127.33
    • FY 07      $192,381.25
    • FY 08      $185,468.45
  • The University of Montana currently utilizes Strategic Marketing Innovations (SMI) as their federal relations firm.  In 2006, they also contracted with Gage.  Total expenses are as follows:
    • FY 06      $140,647.30  [$ 37,500 (Gage) and $ 103,147.30 (SMI)]
    • FY 07      $116,837.10
    • FY 08      $114,864.11