Question #9

Under the current system, the Dean of Research is given full discretion to allocate certain research monies, typically around 40-50% of earmarked funds.  Please describe the process at each campus for determining a formula and allocation of research dollars among faculty, departments, students, etc.

  • The Vice Presidents for Research at the MUS campuses do not have full discretion over allocation of indirect (F & A) funds, whether those funds come from federal initiatives or from competitively awarded funds.  Each campus has an oversight group that sets guidelines for distribution of the funds in ways that help defray campus expenses for operating the enterprise and allow for start-up packages and other “investment in the future” support to continue to sustain the overall research program. 

  • It is important to note that all R & D funds – whether competitively awarded or obtained from federal initiatives - are subject to federal agency regulations and oversight.  Thus, there are numerous point of scrutiny:

    • Sponsored program offices on the campuses review proposals at the time of submission and monitor them throughout the duration of each project;
    • Funding agencies review at time of award and throughout the project life;
    • Campus leadership, including the president and several members of the administrative team, approves policies and distributions of funds.