March 24-25, 1999

ITEM 102-1507-R0399  Approval of Proposal to Add a Certified Nurse Assistant Program, College of Technology; Montana Tech of The University of Montana

THAT: The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes the College of Technology of Montana Tech of The University of Montana to offer a Certified Nurse Assistant Program.

EXPLANATION: The College of Technology of Montana Tech of The University of Montana proposes a certificate for students who complete a one-semester Certified Nurse Assistant Program (CNA). This certificate will focus on educational mobility, articulation, and differentiation of the work of nurses at all levels. Identified credits in the CNA curriculum can transfer into the proposed Associate of Applied Science Degree-Practical Nurse. After completion of the certificate program, the student may graduate or continue to the AAS Degree in Practical Nursing.

This proposal responds to the recommendations of the Montana University System Task Force on Nursing Education. This Task Force developed a vision for nursing education that states, "Nursing education in Montana will work collaboratively to meet the needs of students, employers, and patients by ensuring that Montana has an educated work force whose quality and quantity are geared to the heath care needs of Montanans. For nurses at any level who may wish to further their education, programs will be articulated to provide maximum access with minimal duplication. Education, service, and regulation will work in partnership to promote differentiated practice, based on respect for the competencies of nurses at all levels of education." The Board of Regents approved the plan in July 1998.

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