March 24-25, 1999

ITEM 102-2002-R0399 Authorization to Offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration jointly with Washington State University; Montana State University-Bozeman

THAT: The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes the College of Business to establish a joint Bachelor of Arts Degree program between Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU) and Washington State University (WSU) in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. Montana State University-Bozeman students would be able to obtain this joint degree from MSU and WSU by completing specialized courses in the subject delivered by the Hotel and Restaurant Administration Program at WSU.

EXPLANATION: Washington State University is recognized as having one of the top hotel and restaurant administration programs in the world which allows MSU to bring to Montana students a degree program of a quality that would not be possible if started from scratch in the state. Moreover, a joint program will allow a degree to be initiated, which would serve the second largest industry in the state.

The joint degree program has a further advantage of permitting the expansion of work experience and internship opportunities through WSU and its European partners that would not be available to a program that might be initiated only within the state. It would also provide faculty with access to a greater number of companies interested in executive education and joint collaborative research activities. In addition, it would bring more companies to campus to interview graduating seniors. Most importantly, it would provide a continuous stream of well-qualified employees to help support the state's hotel/restaurant industry.

The proposed joint degree program has been given considerable attention and studied in depth by the faculties at both WSU and MSU. There is enthusiasm for the program because of the synergy that can be developed between the two schools and the great benefits that it can bring to students. The distance delivered portions of the program may also have merit for inclusion in offerings of the Western Governor's University.

No additional resources being required from the state.


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