May 20-21, 1999

ITEM 103-1001-R0599 Student Computer Fee Allocation; The University of Montana-Missoula

THAT: Consistent with the provisions of Board of Regents’ Policy 940.23, the Board of Regents authorizes The University of Montana to expend Student Computer Fee funds for the following projects that exceed the local approval threshold:

    1. Upgrade and expand the campus central e-mail system ($38,880);
    2. Upgrade the Missoula College of Technology 20-unit general instructional lab ($27,000);
    3. Upgrade and expand the campus general access Mac Lab to 25 units ($50,827);
    4. Upgrade existing Journalism departmental Mac Lab, create a six-unit Photojournalism lab, and introduce a server and enhance printing ($35,556);
    5. Equip four Biological Science labs with eight units each ($26,820 matched with private funds from Hughes Medical Institute);
    6. Upgrade 44-unit campus general access lab in the School of Business Administration ($40,500 matched with private funds HP and Microsoft);
    7. Establish a 15-unit shared departmental Mac Lab for Geology, Physics, and Astronomy ($30,600);
    8. Establish a 24-unit departmental instructional lab in the new Pharmacy/Physical Therapy addition ($28,459);
    9. Upgrade 19 Mansfield Library access computers ($36,000);
    10. Upgrade 56 units in School of Business Administration departmental labs ($31,500 matched with private funds HP and Microsoft); and
    11. Upgrade and expand campus general access lab in Mansfield Library to 30 units ($43,500).

EXPLANATION: Board of Regents’ policy 940.23 requires Board approval of all purchases over $25,000. The Student Computer Fee Committee, whose membership includes 50 percent students as required by Board Policy, endorses this proposal.

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