Conference Call Meeting


December 28, 1999

8:30 a.m.

Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education


These minutes were approved by the Board of Regents at the January 20-21, 2000 meeting in Helena, MT


REGENTS PRESENT on Call: Pat Davison, Ed Jasmin, Jeremy Fritz, Lynn Hamilton, Richard Roehm, Margie Thompson, and Commissioner Richard Crofts

REGENT ABSENT: Deborah Wetsit (Error in number provided Operator)

Roll Call indicated a Quorum present.



  • a. ITEM 105-2000-C1299 Modification of authority to build and authorization for an Intercap Loan to conduct bridge financing for the construction project collectively known as the Epicenter Pilot Project.


Discussion indicated that the ’97 Legislature authorized the Green Building at a figure of $20,000,000. They did not allocate funds for this project, as MSU-Bozeman was committed to raising the funds.

Since the campus has not been able to realize the $20,000,000 figure, they wish to scale back the project to build a smaller "Green Building". Some of the facilities planned for the larger initial building will be created by renovation of existing space. The Vice President for Research has committed $600,000 to the project for up to the next 15 years.

Regent Jasmin MOVED for APPROVAL of the Action Item.

A roll call vote indicated UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.


Chairman Davison thanked all the Regents for their presence at President Malone’s funeral yesterday, and indicated that it will be a difficult chore to replace him. The entire system will miss him. Commissioner Crofts will visit MSU-Bozeman next Monday for input on the process of replacing President Malone. He will advise the Regents on the outcome of that meeting.

An account has been set up by the MSU-Bozeman Foundation as the Michael P. Malone Presidential Scholarship in History, and already has garnered a considerable commitment from individuals.

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 a.m.


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