To: Board of Regents

From: Richard A. Crofts, Commissioner

Date: June 24, 2002

Subject: Two-year Initiative

Subsequent to the May meeting of the Board of Regents when I was directed to work with others in developing the make-up of a task force on two-year education, Joyce and I met with Desiree Taggert and Dave Gibson from the Governor s Office of Economic Opportunity, Wendy Keating from the Department of Labor, Andy Poole from the Department of Commerce, Bill Cooper from OPI, and Arlene Parisot in charge of workforce development in the Office of the Commissioner.

We had interesting discussions and I am pleased to report that those from other agencies were eager to participate in this project. We solicited their input on the potential charge for the task force and who should be participants.

Based upon those conversations, Joyce drafted a charge and we sent it out to these same individuals for comment. I also shared it with our CEOs and the Presidents of the three community colleges.

The charge and list of the types of persons we would want on the task force are enclosed for your information. I would welcome any suggestions or comments during the upcoming meeting or before the meeting. I will proceed to establish the task force in July.