Special Meeting


April 24, 2002


Montana Higher Education Complex,

2500 Broadway

Helena, MT 59620



Other than the meeting starting time, the times listed are approximate.  These approximate times are intended to give meeting participants a rough idea of the amount of discussion contemplated, but the Board will move to the next part of the agenda upon the completion of the prior topic.  In addition, agenda items may be rearranged unless an item is listed as having a "time certain."    




8:00 a.m.          Full Board CONVENESConference Room 102


I.                    ROLL CALL




a.     Revision of Board of Regents By-Laws, Article V


��request the item or items and submit them to the Secretary of the Board of Regents at least threefour weeks prior to a meeting.�


b.     Presentation on Cost of Education Allocation Model

c.     Presentation & Discussion of Alternate Budgeting Process

d.     Policy on Tuition and Fees for 2004-2005

e.     Budget Request for 2004-2005

 f.     5% reduction plan mandated by the Legislature in HB 2


17-7-111(3)(f), MCA requires agencies of state government (with more than 20 FTE) to provide the budget director, "a plan to reduce the proposed base budget for the general appropriations act and the proposed state pay plan to 95% of the current base budget."  This plan must include reductions of 5% for the general fund and the state special revenue fund types.  For the Montana University System, this 5% reduction totals $7,561,794 annually


2:00 p.m.          BOARD ADJOURNS to meet with Montana Ag Producers


2:00 p.m. -        Board meets with Montana Ag Producers

4:00 p.m.


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The Board of Regents will make reasonable accommodations for known disabilities that may interfere with an individual's ability to participate. Persons requiring such accommodations should make their requests to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education as soon as possible before the meeting to allow adequate time for special arrangements. You may call or write to: ADA Coordinator, P. O. Box 203101, Helena MT 59620-3101, 406-444-6570, 1-800-253-4091 (TDD)