REVISED: 940.24 Collection and Remittance of Fees for Student Organizations; The Montana University System

Board policy:

I. The Associated Student Governments of The Montana University System are authorized to collect a special and voluntary fee up to, but not exceeding $3 per semester concurrent with each campus's Associated Student Government procedures, and subject to Board of Regents policy, on behalf of Student Organizations run solely by Montana University System students; and to remit the proceeds thereof to those corporations under the following terms and conditions.


1. The corporation must be a Montana non-profit corporation run solely by Montana University System students in compliance with BOR policy and each campus's Associated Student Government procedures.

2. The articles of incorporation and by-laws of the corporation shall assure that the procedures and activities of the corporation are democratically controlled by Montana college students of the Montana University System, and shall clearly limit the corporate activities to those activities which advance the general welfare of students consistent with the overall educational mission of The Montana University System.

3. The fee be collected incidental to each applicable campus's regular registration process and that it be made clearly known to each student that it is a voluntary fee.

4. The fee collection process be initiated only after it has been clearly demonstrated that there is general and substantial support for the corporation among the students of the particular Montana University System campus.

5. An assessment of collection and disbursement costs of up to 3.5% of all funds collected shall be deducted prior to remittance to the corporation of the balance of the fees collected on behalf of said organization.

6. The agreement between an Associated Student Government and a student organization entered into pursuant to the authority of this policy shall be for a period of two years. This agreement shall be renewed by:

a. the majority vote of the particular campus's students voting on continuation of the subject student organization's voluntary student fee in a referendum to be held either as a part of winter term registration or to coincide with each campus's Associated Student Government spring elections or by,

b. a majority of the particular MUS campus student body signing a petition in support of continuing the student organization's voluntary student fee.



Voluntary Fee: For purposes of this policy a voluntary fee is one that is assessed only when a student makes a positive designation that the student wishes to pay the fee.

Associated Student Governments: This includes those student organizations that are members of the Montana Associated Students .


Item 34-104-R1281, Collection and Remittance of Fees for Student Non-profit, Non-partisan organization, University of Montana, December 11, 1981 as revised April 16, 1982, April 18, 1984, March 22, 1985, April 28, 1987, December 11, 1987, and March 16, 1989.